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About Me

Debra Robinson Baker offers a successful history of serving and leading at various organizational levels. Her extensive background in criminal justice, government, spiritual development, adult and youth development, and change management makes her a knowledgeable practitioner. She supports local, national, and international organizations. 


Debra has become known for creative, human-centered program development and insightful change work along with her zesty inclusive social learning and facilitation skills. Most recently, Debra's work includes serving a large government workforce. Debra was named Training Magazine’s 2018-19 Emerging Training Leader. 


Debra’s professional and civic group experience includes serving on the Highline College Foundation Board, the Whidbey Institute Board of Directors, and serving on the King County Prosecutor African American Advisory Council. 


Debra is married to Kevin Baker the love of her life.  They have two sons along with a whole host of wonderful brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  They have brilliant friends, and precious community.  Debra and Kevin currently live in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

Credentials include:  Certified Organizational Development Professional, Equity and Social Justice Instructor, Trauma Informed Care Instructor, Life Coach, Certified Mediator, Certified Criminal Justice Specialist, Masters in Theological Studies, and Nonprofit Management from Columbia University.

Vision  &Mission


My passion is developing one the world’s most precious resources – People!  My work allows you to be true to all that matters to you. Learn to step away from overwhelm, connect with your breath and your joy, align with your deepest truths, and explore the earths cry (calling) in your life.  You will learn to make meaningful and manageable agreements with yourself and others that you can keep while continuing to grow. When we invest and prioritize this exploration we live from the soul.



In a time when there is so much pain in the world, it is imperative that we learn to embody compassion, grace and love. It is time to mitigate harsh steps in the world. This doesn’t mean we abdicate our power. It does mean we learn what true power is - operating from our wisdom. It means we become better about our attention to self, our care of others, and being mindful of how we are presenting daily in the world.  



As a child, after attending a school for developmentally and physically disabled children, I realized I was given precious gifts of compassion, wisdom, and understanding which I held in my heart until I matured. The spiritual whispers of wisdom and understanding continue to inform the stories I share in my work. You will learn to lead from places of the heart, soul, and the intellect using the gifts of grace, attunement (deep listening), and wisdom. When we lead from this place leadership is sustainable. 



After suffering a serious of traumatic events, my freedom came when I realized I was holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.  To come into right relationship with the soul of leadership we must do the deep work of exploring and experiencing our own freedom! We must let go of what’s no longer serving us and the world. Once we do this we operate from places of brilliance; we learn to identify the work that’s ours to do and we truly embody soulful and compassionate leadership.

“I have admired and benefited from the work of Debra Baker for more than two decades!  She is a remarkable leader and facilitator with well-honed skills and a passion for people that is infectious.  Her commitment to excellence is palpable.” 

Lyman Legters, Senior Director, Casey Family Programs, Washington DC



2019 Emerging Training Leader


Thought Leader ~ Award Winning Trainer ~ Provocative Speaker

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