"Allow me to help you discover and embrace all that you are in service to the world."

About Me

A sage with a deep interest in heart-centered human development and healing, organizational health, and dedicated interest in global care.


“Debra Baker is one of the most authentic;

vitally intelligent and compassionate leaders in the land.” 

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown Professor, Author, and Celebrity



“You are an inspiration.  Your contributions to emerging leaders will continue to propel us toward greatness.  Your dedication to your passion has changed me. “   ~Kelsey H.

“Words alone cannot describe the impact and ripple effect you have on others.  My life is better because of you.”  ~Jada B.

“Thank you for creating such a great intellectual and emotional journey. As a result, I am now in a wonderful place in my leadership.  You are intelligent and insightful” ~Jeremy R.

“I have sat on a number of boards and with Debra’s facilitation, we accomplished in four hours what it takes other boards three days to do.” ~Highline College Foundation Board Member

“It is an absolute honor to be guided, taught and to learn from you.  You are a special woman and I am grateful that you share all of your wonderful gifts with us.  I appreciate your grace, candor, and thoughtfulness” ~Ann M.

“Debra is courageous.  She walks in wisdom, strength, and gentleness.  She has a hint of mischief and keeps it real.  Debra helped me feel seen.  She helped me feel safe.  She helped me open to the world and my human potential.”

~Rose H., Paul Allen Foundation 

"Debra has the ability to bind together a group of free-thinking professionals, turning them (us) into a cohesive team ready to tackle any challenge.  I've had the privilege to witness her facilitation, coaching, training, and dynamic management abilities and she has totally blown my mind with her insight and provocative intellectual charge. Learning from her is truly a life changing experience." ~Kerwin P.



Learning Events

The CourseRoom™️ - The CourseRoom is a social learning event for men and women. This movement is centered around storytelling and exploring world topics. This stylishly designed social learning event is a new way to engage the mind, soul, and spirit while connecting and engaging with others.  Participants experience a great time meeting interesting people all while exploring ways to practice leading and ‘being’ in the world.

Circle Work

InfluenceHer is for women of color who desire respite and care from the challenges that come with being on the front lines of leadership. Through practices of guided discussion, curriculum, and connection each woman will explore who she is in

the role of woman, leader, healer, and activist. This nurturing space is designed to allow women to replenish, rest, heal, and claim her story while she receives support for her mind, body, soul, and spirit. As a result of this offering, her freedom deepens while the strength, beauty, and power of the woman is polished and called forward. She reclaims her path, and returns to the world with a renewed sense of self, a deeper understanding of her influence, and a renewed desire to do her best work in the world.


Embodied Leadership

During this cohort offering, women from all walks of life explore leadership by looking at her ESSENCE, her SABBATH, and HOW she is being and leading in the world. Through practices of pause, guided discussion, curriculum, and connection we look at our roles, our responsibilities, our mind, our heart, our body, and our rhythm in the world. We will let go of what is no longer serving us and women will arise from this experience with renewed connection to self and clarity of next steps in our journey. Our sister-leaders from every path will return to her work in more brilliant, generous, powerful ways, and sacred ways.

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Debra Robinson Baker

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Phone - 253-642-7452


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